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About Gord Larose

I'm a high-technology veteran specializing in Digital Rights Management and related technologies, who understands the subtle interplay between good technology and good business.

I work for Irdeto, a multinational media security company which took over my previous employer, Cloakware, in 2007. Cloakware specialized in security technology applicable to DRM and many other scenarios requiring application-level security. This was a good fit for Irdeto, which came from a world of set-top boxes and hardware-based security and saw the synergy with Cloakware's software and DRM expertise.

Independent consulting work is no longer being sought. However, I remain an informed, balanced voice in the DRM community, especially by maintaining the DRM Dictionary.

Professional Information

Gord is a Professional Engineer with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He has worked as a consultant and employee at various high-technology firms, notably Nortel and NetActive, a Nortel spinoff which he co-founded. His background covers virtually all aspects of high technology, from hardware and software design, embedded systems, intellectual property, management (project, product, and line), security assurance (ethical hacking), quality/process control, and Web standards. Current specialties are software application security, technology management, Digital Rights Management, and secure media architecture. Gord has several patents relating to ecommerce, Digital Rights Management, and Internet security.

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