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Is Digital Rights Management really a zero-sum war between greedy monopolists and ruthless pirates ?

No !

DRM can and often does work well. But, like any emerging technology in an emerging market, there are growing pains - technical, commercial, and legal- to work through.

Partly in response to this, some commentators go so far as to say that protecting content by any technical means is wrong. But there is little evidence that digital content producers could survive financially in a world with no technical barriers to piracy.

There Are Solutions !

DRM is already being used in viable online content businesses, even - though it took till 2003 - the online music business. Intelligent DRM in the context of a sensible business offer is something which consumers can live with. There are often advantages not available with legacy or underground distribution, and Big Brother does not need to be installed on your hard drive to do it !

  • What is DRM ?
  • How can it be done well ?
  • How can we foster thriving on-line content businesses ?

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