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The DRM Vendor Graveyard

With the debatable exception of Macrovision, there are no publicly-owned companies with a sustained record of making profits by selling DRM technology.

This lists includes both bankrupt DRM companies and discontinued DRM products, some of which were from large companies that are still in business. You can't find the Web sites of most of these folks, because they've been shut down ! If by chance you do find a Web site it will be either brand maintenance by an acquiring company, totally unrelated, or some attempt at brand revival.

But all is not hopeless.. some of these companies were bought our by related larger firms, or morphed into companies putting a different spin on the same IP.
Company /
BeebleVarious PCBIOS based DRM; resurfaced as Ancoratech.
CineaMoviesmore here, bought by Dolby in fall 2003.
bit-artsSoftwareDied quietly in 2005
CryptolopesSoftwareFrom IBM, killed in beta.
Digital OwlDocuments 
DMDsecureVideoBought by Safenet in March 2005
Secure Digital ContainerJavaJava-based DRM for mobility
eLicenseSoftwareMerged with ViaTech
ElisarWeb PicturesDied Dec 2003; Obituary here
GreenleafSoftware, media 
HyperlockSoftwareaka BroadBridgeMedia
InfraworksWindows FilesDied Spring 2003
Liquid AudioMusicDying slowly: Ghostly Web Site
MediaShellSoftwareBorn at Queen's U in Kingston, Ontario
Modern SoftwareSoftware 
NetActiveSoftware, Video1997-2002 Founded by author; more here.
NetQuartzSoftware1997-2003, more here.
PowerlockCDROM SoftwareFrom now-also-defunct American Disc Corporation
PreviewSoftwareSome assets acquired byAladdin
RainbowSoftware, VPNMerged with SafeNet March 2004
reciprocalvariousBeing Revived ?
softlockSoftwareSimilarly named companies here.
sospitaSoftware, Web pagesEuro based, died sometime in 2004
TestDrivesoftwareSource of famous "quake crack" in 1990s
TryMediaSoftwareStill operating, bought by Macrovision in 2005
TTRSoftware, audioBought by Macrovision fall 2002